Bea's Clubhouse

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I love to joke with my Ma that one of my greatest joys as a parent is to give Bea all the things I wanted as a kid.  And I assure you I’m joking, because I did have the best childhood with the best parents. But there are a few things I remember wanting so badly (those little motorized cars, for example) when I was growing up that I’d be lying if I said I couldn’t wait to experience through Bea.

I have an older brother who is now one of my best friends, and was actually my best man/“man-of-honour” at our wedding.  But growing up we weren’t always best buds.  He drove me nuts, thinking his G.I. Joes had any place in my Barbie beach house and I’m sure he wasn’t always my biggest fan either.  I remember so badly wanting a space I could get away from him, and sometimes my parents, where I could hide and read and play and build stuff all by myself. 

So with all that in mind, I partnered with HomeSense and created this little space for Bea.  She calls it her “clubhouse” and she LOVES it.  It’s the first place she wants to go when she wakes up.  We read and snuggle and play and she tells me all kinds of hilarious stories, like how the ladybugs were trying to catch her bum.  Or how her mermaid wants ice cream for breakfast “to make her feel better.”  I love that this space makes her so happy, and even more so, I love that she wants me in there to experience it with her.

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