Getting Myself Red Carpet Ready


People often ask how I prep or get ready ahead of big work events.  Aside from the studying, watching, reading, researching, I have a few rituals to get myself looking and feeling good in my skin:

2-3 Weeks Out

(Forma/Skin Tightening done at SpaMedica in Toronto)

(Forma/Skin Tightening done at SpaMedica in Toronto)

I take good care of my skin year round, but ahead of a major red carpet, I ramp things up.  Some of my favourite  med-spa treatments are SilkPeel and Forma.

SilkPeel is great for improving my skin’s texture, especially in the colder, drier months of the year.  I find it helps with any dullness and really refines my pores. It removes dead skin cells and at the same time infuses the skin with vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants.  My skin feels brighter almost instantly.

It’s painless with no downtime. The best way to describe the feeling would be if a cat’s tongue was licking your face. It provides deep exfoliation without being too abrasive or rough.  The second step is this luxurious hydrating masque.  I’m a fan, but not a doctor, so always consult your doctor/dermatologist.

My latest obsession is Forma/Skin Tightening.  I’m a full-time working, always under slept, Mom of a busy 2 and a half year old, and guess what? Sometimes, that shows on my face.  This radio frequency treatment puts the bounce back in my skin by stimulating the formation of new collagen and improving my skin’s elasticity.

The results are firmer, plumper skin.  Again, no pain or downtime.  I tend to do both these treatments at the end of the day when I have no plans so I don’t need to apply any makeup.  When I wake up the next day I see the results instantly and for weeks to come.  Forma is best done in a series staggered over a few weeks.  Again, I’m just a happy client, not a doctor, so always consult yours.

1 Week Out

I continue with my morning and nighttime skin regimes.  Glycolic or Hyaluronic at night, followed by a really hydrating moisturizer and eye cream.  In the morning, Vitamin C and whichever day-time hydration I feel my skin needs.  Click HERE to see all my favourite products.

Oh, and On Sundays, I mask.  Always.

(Getting bright and blonde)

(Getting bright and blonde)

5 Days Out

Hair colour. 

I’m a natural blonde, but it doesn’t *exactly* grow out of my head this way.  I like to get my colour/highlights done as close to a big event as possible. That way, my hair is bright and fresh for the red carpet.

4 Days Out

I like to do my nails once I arrive on location. Once again, keeping things as fresh and shiny as possible.  Also, if there are any unfortunate chips, I know the salon will have my colour if I need to get a touch up.  I have a few reliable nail salons in cities I visit, but if not, Yelp is a great resource to find someone reputable.

Night one on the ground is when I start my nightly face masks for hydration after flying.  Click HERE for a re-cap of my favourites.

(tan by @amandaharringtonofficial)

(tan by @amandaharringtonofficial)

3 Days Out

Spray Tan.

This one is relatively new to me, but after seeing the results, I’m sold.  It creates and instant glow and youthfulness.  I always err on the side of lighter, especially in cities like LA.  I’ve learned their idea of “sun-kissed” is a little different than mine. 

I finish this day with my nightly face mask.

Note: I only do this for special occasions.  Between hair and nails maintenance, I have no more room or time in my life to maintain ANYTHING ELSE.  It’s why I’ve never tried lash extensions.  I know I’ll love them, then I’ll loathe the time it takes to do them and fill them, so I stick with falsies we glue on each day.

2 Days Out

Most of the “work” is done by now.  So it’s just exfoliating my skin and treating it with whatever I feel it needs. 

(Glam Glow GravityMud for maximum firming)

(Glam Glow GravityMud for maximum firming)

The Night Before

Firming mask.  

Almost always it’s the GravityMud by Glam Glow.  Followed by a nighttime serum and moisturizer. Click HERE for a refresher.  My hair goes up in a scrunchie and it’s early to bed for me. No amount of masking and skin treatments can substitute for a good night’s sleep.

The Morning Of

Eye mask. 

These are my current obsession.  Super affordable and they work well! 

I prefer a dry face mask for the day of, that way there is no goopy or sticky residue that can sometimes get into your hair. This one by Charlotte Tilbury is my ride or die. The best part is you can use it 3 or more times.

This is my routine for any big work events and red carpets, but it can easily be applied to any upcoming event in your life.  A wedding, a big presentation, before a holiday.  Looking good can mean feeling good and there’s nothing wrong with making yourself a priority and treating yourself however you see fit.