My Pregnancy Essentials

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Here’s a fun fact:  Randall and I always believed we would only have one child and after we had Beatrix we were certain we were “one and done.” (Cleary, we’ve since changed our minds).  We gave away all our baby stuff and that included me passing on my maternity clothes to my pregnant girlfriends.  So, I started from scratch with this pregnancy.  A bunch of you soon-to-be Mamas have asked for a pregnancy must-haves post so I finally put together some of my favourite clothes to dress my bump, things that make me feel good, help me practice a little self-care and most importantly, keep me comfortable.  Comfortable being a relative term for a constantly expanding, achy person carrying around another living person.  Enjoy!


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My belly popped way sooner this time so finding maternity jeans/pants was necessary STAT.  Like last time, I didn’t want to commit to buying a whole ton of maternity clothes (we’re FOR REAL done this time), so a few staple bottoms is where I started.

I ordered, tried on and returned what felt like a bgillion pairs of jeans.  These ones from Motherhood Maternity look as close to “regular” jeans as I’ve been able to find.  If you’ve tried on maternity jeans before you know there is the low rise, elastic waist panel option, or the big-guns-over-the-belly type.  I prefer the under-the-belly style, but it really is a personal preference.  These are a size small and I’ve worn them with a variety of tops and sweaters and have been really happy with how they look and how comfortable they are.  

Next I needed a basic black jean and these ones are by far the best I found.  I didn’t even know Seven For All Mankind made maternity jeans until I found these at Carry Maternity.

They’re a little pricier but totally worth it because they’re so versatile.  I’ve worn them casually during the day and dressed them up for evening with a great pair of heels.  If you go with these ones, you’ll get a lot of wear out of them for sure.

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 Leggings have never really been my jam, but I saw my preggo cousin wearing an over-the-belly pair and she kept telling me how insanely comfortable they were. So I got myself a pair and hallelujah I am in heaven.  I got these ones (+ 3 more pairs in size small) from The Gap and have been living in them as my pregnancy uniform.  And let’s be real, probably my post-partum uniform as well.

Expanding Underwear.  Ya, it’s a thing and it is glorious.  There is nothing worse than things digging into things and these Knixwear undies are smooth, comfy and stretch to accommodate my expanding belly.  At about the 6 month mark I could no longer bear underwire bras, but I was worried no wire would result in low-riding boobs.  I’m happy to report my boobs are up where they should be, and I’m perfectly comfortable in this bra also from Knixwear.


Next, if you’re growing a human and you haven’t bought a body pillow yet, I’m going to suggest you finish this article and make this your next web stop.  Fact: trying to sleep when you’re pregnant is not fun.  A body pillow acts as support for your belly, legs and arms and has seriously saved me from many restless nights.

For an added little bit of sleep-help and luxury, I love this pillow spray.

 It’s soothing and calming, especially on those nights when my mind won’t stop racing.


With my last pregnancy, we took an at-home labour/delivery/newborn care class.  The biggest piece of advice I was left with was the importance pre-natal chiropractic appointments.  The woman who came to teach us how to have a baby (ha! like anyone can be prepared for that!) said that if her daughter was pregnant regular chiropractic adjustments would be the #1 thing she’d recommend.  This coming from a doula and midwife was all the info I needed to make my first appointment.  I won’t pretend to know how any of it works, but I can tell you, after each appointment last time and this time, I feel less uncomfortable and like the baby has a bit more room in there.  And, as a point of great pride, when I went into labour with Beatrix, the doctor told me I had a pelvis perfectly primed to give birth and I only pushed for about 20mins.  I obviously don’t know if chiro was the reason for any of this, but I’m back at it again with the hopes of having a smooth labour this time as well.

(If this is something you’re considering, consult your OBGYN/midwife/doula because I’m no Doctor.  Although I did play a nurse once on the TV show Saving Hope.)

I’ve mentioned these pre-natal vitamins before but thought it was worth posting about again because they really are so beneficial.  Seven pre-packaged vitamins a day with everything and more that you and the baby need.  I have no brain fog, decent energy levels for a pregnant/working/toddler-mom and my hair and skin have never felt better.

I’m working on a baby essentials post and I hope to get that up soon!  If you have any suggestions on products you love/have saved you please let me know!

Wishing you comfort, rest and normal-size ankles,