Beanuts and Bolts (A Beatrix Update) Volume 2

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It’s been 5 months since my first B&B and with all the changes going on in her little life along with so many of you kindly reaching out to see how she’s adjusting, I thought it was time for an update!

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If you’ve followed my insta stories, you know that Bea started pre-school last month.  She’s been at home until now and we would have kept her home until Jr. Kindergarten next year, but with her amazing Nanny (The Bea Keeper) going back to school in B.C. and with the new baby coming, we thought now would be a good time to get Bea assimilated to school life.

I also knew I didn’t want to be home with a new baby and Bea come January so we enrolled her into a Montessori school. The class is small, the teachers are wonderful and we know she’s in good hands.  We also thought this would be a gentle way to ease her in to the idea of school rather than just dropping her off for the first time at age 4 having never been away from home. 

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Bea is a very outgoing kid and we know that socialization would be good for her. In fact she is so outgoing part of me thought she would be one of those “bye Mama, bye Daddy, see ya later” kind of kids. You know, the kind that doesn’t even look back at you once?

I was wrong.

We’re into over a month and just this week there was no tears at drop off for the first time! She still spends most of breakfast telling me she doesn’t want to go, and then tries to convince me that it would be a great idea for me to at least stay with her at school. It’s equal parts inspiring and heartbreaking that she can put together such concise and compelling arguments.

The good news is she’s happy as can be(a) when we pick her up and her teachers tell us when she does cry at drop off, it would stop the minute we leave. She’s also already picking up so many new things. New French words for different feelings, (Daddy is faché) a song about the continents, and yesterday she told us dinosaurs mostly ate plants.  Tears and all, we know starting her off at pre-school now was the right call.

We’ve had some sleep setbacks with this new routine.  Bea had been an excellent sleeper since about 6 months old.  And I credit that to Janey @weesleep.  She got us on track back then and has helped us through every regression and hiccup since.  Up until school started, Bea slept 12 hours a night and took a nap most days.  Since school began, she’s been up 3-5 times a night screaming for us, which is kind of getting us prepared for newborn life a little sooner than we wanted.  Once this pattern went on for more than a week, I again reached out to Janey who gave us a new plan to get back on track. Slowly we’re getting there.  Last night we only had one wake up.

Now for the victories!!  Sometime this summer Bea totally nailed the potty thing.  It was so true what many of you said, that one day she would just “get it”. Like a switch turned on. Well it’s on, and hallelujah we couldn’t be happier. She gets undressed by herself before her bath and even puts her clothes in the hamper. (Randall does this dramatic, mouth-agape shocked look every time she accomplishes something we taught her like he just can’t believe it, and she eats it up, giggling and laughing while she showing off how big she is). She’s also learned to get her shoes and coat on and off, wants nothing to do with the high chair and insists on eating at the table, with a placemat, like we do. Though, I kinda think that’s more about her ability to get away from the table when she wants to rather than being a “big girl”.

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She’s become so independent I often wonder where my little babe went, but I’m so, so proud of her for countless reasons.  So many people warned us that the terrible twos had nothing on the “threenager” and while we’ve definitely had our challenges with tantrums, testing boundaries and so, so SO many “no’s”, she’s still a pretty great kid most of the time.

Her big girl room is almost ready and she seems excited to move in.  We had planned to wait a few more months to get her settled in, but so many of you suggested the sooner the better to avoid Bea feeling like the new baby “took her room,” so we listened and moved up the time line.  I can’t wait to show you how cute it is!

Once again, thanks to all of you for reaching out with kind words of support and with tips on how to make some of these transitions a little easier.  I feel so fortunate to share a bit of our little life with some truly wonderful people. 

Big Love,