My Favourite Easter Traditions

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We decided to do our family Easter a week early this year to accommodate everyone’s schedules.  Even though we celebrated a little early we kept all our long-standing traditions alive, which for me, is the best part of any holiday. 

I’m big on traditions.  I love the nostalgia and being reminded of holidays past.  I love the excitement before a holiday of anticipating those old favourites.  And now that I have a family of my own, I love sharing the traditions I grew up with, with Bea and RG.

Growing up, the Easter Bunny always brought us a basket and a present (if we were well-behaved and listened to our parents). There was one year that my brother was misbehaving at school and at home and my parents assured him if he didn’t get it together the Easter Bunny would not bring him the Batmobile he had been asking for, for months.  Nonetheless, he kept on acting out.  Easter morning with great confidence he came barreling down the stairs, Batman in hand, because he was certain the Batmobile would await him on the couch where the basket and presents always appeared.  There was no Batmobile.  This story comes up every Easter which is yet another tradition I love – the stories!

So, following along with the traditions my Ma made for us, I wrapped Bea’s gift, stocked her basket and left it on the couch for her to find in the morning.  Her reaction was the all the magic I had hoped it would be.  Pure wonder and joy.  She kept asking “Hey Mom, have you seen the Easter Bunny anywhere?”  She wouldn’t let go of that basket for even a minute so that meant she had to have it on her high-chair at breakfast.  She also tucked it in for a nap.  And watched a movie with it in her lap.

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For as long as I can remember my Ma made bunny napkins for our Easter table.  So, in keeping that tradition alive, I did too.  They are easy to make and so cute at each place setting. 

Finally, the lamb cake.  Many years ago someone gave one to my Ma and my brother and I became obsessed with it.  I think it’s just the cutest little tradition and makes a nice centre piece or side-board accent.  I’m not sure of its cultural origin (I’ve heard Polish? German?) but I love it.  We found the cake mould at an antique market and I’ve been making it for years.  Typically it’s made with a plain pound cake, but this year I made it with my favourite lemon cake recipe and piped it with the most delicious lemon butter cream icing.  You’ll find those recipes here.

So there you have it, a few of my Easter favourites!  What are some of your traditions? 

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