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Annual Family Antiquing Adventure

Every year on the first weekend in June the fam takes a road trip to Midland, Michigan for their annual antique festival. It's one of my favourite weekends of the year.  The excitement of the treasures we could find.  The hotel pizza party.  Pool beers.  And of course, pro tips from Johnny's Good Junk. 

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Me? A Mom?

Disclaimer:  I am so very aware of how fortunate we are to have been able to have a baby.  It is never lost on me.  I know for so many people it is a heartbreaking struggle.  I’ve shared tears with some very close friends and family members during their very tough journeys.  I would never want to trigger any painful feelings for anyone reading this story of how Bea came to be…

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To Post or Not to Post

The first time I was a part of a discussion surrounding a parent’s choice not to post pictures of their children, I remember being taken aback.  Not at their choice, but because this is something I’d never even considered.  It NEVER crossed my mind not to share the moments of my little’s life or the reasons why a parent would choose not to.  So I asked myself why this was something I felt so innately comfortable with.  Here’s where I landed.

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