10 Things with Danielle and Randall

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10 Things About Randall (as told by Danielle)

1.     If you give Randall a movie title, 99% of the time he can accurately describe the DVD cover of the movie down to the smallest detail.  It’s an impressive party trick and totally won me over when we were dating.

2.     He’s good at almost any sport and is naturally very athletic.  So, the complete opposite of me.

3.     He has a cool brown freckle in the middle of his ice blue right eye.

4.     He’s email signature is “you have been randalized.” 

5.     Randall loves brain teasers and lateral thinking puzzles.

6.     Before we knew the gender of our baby, he wanted to name him (if it was a boy) Hawkeye.  He bought me a hawk necklace that Christmas.  He even had our families calling the baby “baby Hawkeye.”

7.     He’s taken countless pictures of me sleeping and last year turned them into custom wrapping paper for Mother’s Day.  Sounds creepy, but it was actually super sweet and romantic.

8.     Every single note or card he’s written me has made me cry.  He once wrote me a poem about “the girl who loves words.” Because I really do love them.

9.     I’ve never seen the bottom of his face.  I have no clue what his chin or jaw looks like because he’s had his beard since the day I met him.

10.  For our first date, he invited me to a Connect Four tournament he was playing in.


10 Things About Danielle (as told by Randall)

1.     Danielle loves the wind.

2.     Danielle regularly sleeps with her arm sticking straight up in the air like she’s in middle school desperately hoping to be called upon to answer a question about wind. (I’m kidding of course, Danielle hates the wind but she does sleep with her arm up in the air and it is beyond bizarre).

3.     Danielle’s favourite movie of all time is Beaches.

4.     Danielle has started a war on plastic. She’s conscious about waste and she’s passionate about protecting our environment for future generations.

5.     Danielle desperately wants to experience a night in jail out of sheer curiosity but would never commit a crime and that is a great injustice to her.

6.     Danielle is fiercely loyal. To her family. To her friends.

7.     Danielle makes an excellent machine gun sound effect. In my youth, I theorized that this talent would indicate the kind of girl I hoped to marry.  It is a weird thing to ask someone to do on a first date though, so ultimately it was a useless litmus test. Turns out I was dead right though.

8.     Danielle was OBSESSED with Kriss Kross and even wore her clothes backwards at school.

9.     Danielle is a ninja-level baker. She loves the science of it, the meticulous attention to detail and instruction that one needs to follow in order to get perfect results.

10.  Danielle hates to read instructions. She tried to clean a mess with our new ShopVac. Inside the new ShopVac were the filters, accessories, and the instructions to the new ShopVac. When I got home she said, “Your new ShopVac doesn’t work”.