You Asked, I Answered!

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First of all, if I haven’t said it enough, I absolutely love engaging with all of you!  Your questions and comments and tips are always supportive and kind and so helpful.  And since I can’t always answer all of your questions via dm, I thought an “ask me anything” would be a fun way to answer what you want to know.  So here it goes! 

1. “Will you find out the sex of the baby?” (this was the most asked question!)

YES!!  Both Randall and I are just really happy to be having another baby, and the sex doesn’t matter to us. But I’m curious and impatient and we found out with Bea and there was never a question of if we’d find out with this babe. I did the NIPT (Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing) at 10 weeks and got my results 6 days later.  It’s a very comprehensive blood test that tests for any genetic/chromosomal abnormalities and can also detect the sex of the baby, if you choose to find out.  In Toronto, where we live, the test costs $800.  For us it was peace of mind.  It’s an expensive test, and can be cost-prohibitive.  It’s my hope that a test like this becomes covered by provincial health care.  So we do know what we’re having but we’ve got to share the news with a few people close to us first, before I share it here. But I promise I will, soon!

2. “Where is Randall’s family?  Why don’t we see them as much as we see yours?”

This is a great question and I’m glad it was asked by a few of you.  Randall’s family are so much fun and I wish we could see them more, but unfortunately, they all live quite far away.  His Dad, Gordon, is in Arizona.  His amazing sister Ali and her husband Jordan are currently living in China.  And his brother, Dan and his incredible wife Mel along with their 3 boys, Joshua, Peter and Matthew live in New Brunswick.  And while we don’t see each other as much as we’d like, FaceTime really is a wonderful thing when family lives this far apart.

3.  “Do you or have you tried Botox?”

I’ve answered this one before on an insta story, but it came up again a few times so I’ll answer it here.  Yep, I do Botox.  And I’m a big supporter of it.  I get touched up about 3 times a year (not while pregnant, obviously) and I’m always happy with the results.  Botox not only softens wrinkles and lines, but it prevents new ones from forming.  I’m not a doctor (clearly!) so do your research, find the right person, ask all the questions and make a decision that’s right for you from there. 

4. “Is your goal to do your blog full-time?”

I started this site so share a bit more of my life with all of you, and I absolutely love doing it.  I also *really* love my job and the people I get to work with at etalk.  So having the opportunity to work on this fun personal project while getting to do a job I love is kind of the best of all worlds.

5.  “How do you manage work/life balance?”

This is another goodie that I get a lot.  And the truth is, I just don’t.  Sometimes when work is really consuming, my time with my family takes a hit.  Sometimes when with the family is where I need to be, I have to turn down events and really fun opportunities.  I made a deal with myself earlier this year to try and let go of as much of the guilt as I can, and while it’s not easy, I know I’m trying to do my best.  My best at work.  My best for my family.  And what’s best for me.  (The last one is a process, but I’m working on it)

6.  “Have we thought of baby names?  Are you worried about living up to Bea’s name?”

First of all, thank you!  We think Bea’s name is pretty great too.  I’ve mentioned before I am a terribly, frustratingly indecisive person.  It took me 6 months to decide on a paint colour.  I kept looking at the paint chips at different times of day, in different light, in different seasons.  So, deciding on a name for a person that they will have for the REST OF THEIR LIFE is an enormous task, to say the least.  I loved Beatrix years before we were even thinking about kids.  And thankfully Randall not only loved it, it ended up being an old family name; Lady Beatrix Graham of Montrose, so it felt perfectly fitting.  And she is such a Bea.  Wish us luck, and please send your suggestions for names that compliment Beatrix and that work with our last name.  Hopefully by January 2020, we land on something! 

7. “Would I describe myself as an introvert or extrovert?”

I was a really shy kid.  But I’ve grown into more of an extrovert over time and with my job.  I’d say I’m a mix of both.  I enjoying being around people, entertaining friends, staying up late and having great conversations.  But I also really love quiet, alone time to read and reflect and not talk.  Over the years I’ve become more attuned to when my body and mind are telling me it’s time to retreat and take a break.  And when I feel that need, I take that time.   

8. “How did you end up cottaging in Muskoka?  Do you enjoy living in the city or does your heart miss Muskoka and the woods?” 

Randall and I bought our first cottage after about a year of dating.  We moved a few years later to our current cottage and don’t ever plan on leaving it!  Neither of us grew up with a cottage, but we’d both experienced lake life over the years and knew it was something we wanted.  For us, time up north has a magical quality.  Days go so slowly.  A weekend feels like 4 days.  I am the most present and in the moment (especially with Bea) when I’m at the cottage, and that is the best gift cottage life has given me.  We really love our life in the city as well.  We live downtown and everything we need is in walking distance.  My brother and Camille are a 5 min walk up the street as well so we get to spend a lot of time together.  I’m not sure we’d be able to appreciate city life or cottage life without the other.  

9. “What is your favourite self-tanner for fair skin?”

I recently discovered this and I’m OBSESSED with Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops.  What I love most about it is that it can be used on your face or body!  You just add a few drops of the tanner to your moisturizer.  It comes in 3 shades and I use the medium.  I’ve had no streaking, or blotching or weird self-tanner smell. Honestly the best one I’ve found!

10. “Will Randall ever cut his hair?”

Answer by Randall:

I cut my hair once a year, when my good friend @matthewstylist is back in town. We met on a tour bus in San Diego with the band Down With Webster. He was doing the band's hair and I was documenting their tour for MuchMusic. We had bunks across the aisle from one another on the tour bus. I was supposed to be with the band for two nights. But it was so much fun I stayed on the road for an entire week. Falling asleep in one city, then waking up in another satiated my obsession for time travel. It was one of the most memorable times of my life and we've been friends ever since. But to answer your question, no, I likely won't cut my hair, I'm a big fan of Samson.

Here’s a rad little DWW throwback: