Big Girl Bea Turns 3!

Photo 2019-07-01, 3 06 29 PM.jpg

I know the years go by fast.  And kids grow up.  And babies don’t keep.  But I really can’t believe my sweet Bea is 3! 3 years ago I met her for the first time.  3 years ago she changed our whole world.  3 years ago I became a Mom to the sweetest, kindest most gentle (most of the time) little girl.  It’s so funny how many of the things people tell you about kids come true.  I was so excited for her to learn to walk and be able to talk.  Now I’m constantly telling Bea to slow down and I’m forever answering all of her many, many questions.  What a gift it’s been to watch this baby grow into a toddler and now a full-grown little girl and soon-to-be big sister! Anddddd I’m crying.

This is the first year Bea understood what a birthday is.  We’ve celebrated my Ma’s and Dad’s in recent months so she gets that balloons, cake and presents are part of the deal.  She asked me for a Paw Patrol cake with Rocky, Sky, Zuma and Marshall, so guess what I did?  I made a Paw Patrol cake with Rocky, Sky, Zuma and Marshall.  My Ma always made us the best birthday cakes growing up and that’s something I knew I wanted to do once I had Bea.  I think it’s safe to say it’s was a hit! We had a wonderful group of friends and family join us for the celebrations. I found some amazing biodegradable party supplies that worked great and are friendly to the planet too.

Bea’s got some big changes coming up in the next few months that once again remind me she’s growing up.  In September she’s heading off to a little pre-school after being at home with her incredible nanny (AKA The Bea Keeper) and my Ma for the past almost 3 years.  We’ve had lots of talk about it and I know it will be good for her and her development, and I know she’ll love it.  I just worry about the transition and her feelings.  Actually, let me be real, I worry about EVERYTHING.  Will she eat there?  Will she be scared?  Wonder where I am?  Will she be tired and want to nap but won’t because she’s not in her crib?  Will she feel safe to use the potty? Will the other kids be nice to her?  Crying, again.

Once we find our new routine and new normal with pre-school, it’s time to move Bea to her big girl room and her big girl bed.  BabyG2 will take over the nursery and crib that Bea’s been in since she came home.  We’ve been having lots of talks about the big girl bed and her new room, and I’ve been asking her about the sorts of things she’d like in her new room to get her used to the idea.  So far she’s come up with stars and rainbows and robots.  I think I can work with that!

And the biggest change of all will be BabyG2 arriving in January.  All Bea has ever known is having the full attention and love and support of the grown-ups who look after her.  Sharing me, especially, I think will be hard for her.  And I expect there will be some growing pains.

I know all of these changes are a part of growing up and millions of families have been through them before and I’m probably over-thinking all of it, but it’s what I do.  I over-think and worry! If you have any tips on how to handle these changes I’d love to hear from you!


Big Love,