September Is The New January

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Post- Labour Day weekend always feels like the start of a new year for me, more so than January 1st.   Fall is in the air, school starts up again and for those of us who work in TV it marks the start of a new season.  With the fresh-start feeling of September I’m setting some intentions (I don’t really do resolutions) for the coming months.

Stop rushing, slow down, be present

The last few months I’ve become more aware of just how much rushing I do and I’ve recognized how affects me; it certainly doesn’t make me feel good nor does it make me the most patient Mom or wife.  Rushing in the am; to get Bea ready for the day and to get myself to work. I rush all day at work feeling like I’m always 10 (or more) mins behind. Then I race home to get Bea fed and bathed, to make dinner, clean it up and get laundry in. I know I’m not alone in this. So, I’m going to try to recognize the rush when I feel it, and, if I can, slow down. To remind myself things will get done, and it doesn’t all have to happen at warp speed right at that moment. I also want to enjoy and really live in the moments I have with Bea. She’s starting pre-school next week so I’ll have less time with her day-to-day.  If she asks me to “do painting” I’m going to say yes, instead of “let Mama empty the dishwasher first.”  It’s our last few months with just Bea and I really want to soak them up. 

Saying no

This one is hardddd, but I’m going to try. Countless times I’ve found myself saying yes to something I don’t want to do or don’t have the energy for, to spare someone’s feelings, at my own expense. We’re all conditioned to do this, and there are times when it’s unavoidable and necessary. I want to try and be honest and say no when I just can’t make it/do it/commit.  When I do say yes, I want to want to be there, not feel like it’s an obligation. Good thing is I’m long past suffering from FOMO, so hopefully this helps in my attempt to decline. 

Enjoy this pregnancy

I’ve hit a few sick patches this pregnancy, I’m at the point where sleeping is uncomfortable and getting dressed each day is an adventure in ‘’let’s see what fits today!” so full disclosure, I’m not feeling my best.  But I’m going to try and enjoy this pregnancy as much as I can.  To stop and really feel the baby kicking when she does.  To rub my belly just a little more.  And to complain to Randall a little less.  Lately I’ve been overwhelmed by newborn baby fear.  Like, almost paralyzed by it. The memories of cluster feeding, painful nursing, of being up all night, of feeling alone and isolated and of that exhaustion that lives in your bones that no amount of coffee can help.  But this this will be my last pregnancy, so when I feel like a bag of hammers or I’m mid freak-out I’m trying to remind myself of that fact.  I think about the final time I’ve done anything (last day of school, last day of a great vacation, final day in an previous home) all of those were met with gratitude, excitement and celebration.  So I’m going to try that instead.

Commit to further reducing our use of plastics

I’m proud of the changes we’ve made as a family in our reduction in buying and using plastics, but I know there’s a lot more we can do.  On my list of ways to improve:

  • Find local business that offer refilling household items like laundry detergent, dish soap, cleaning products etc. 

  • Choosing plastic-free produce at the supermarket

  • Swap tea bags for loose leaf tea (I just learned that most tea bags are made from up to 30 per cent heat-resistant polypropylene plastic)

  • Be more diligent about making sure only recyclable materials end up in our recycling bin.  I’ve printed what is recyclable in the City of Toronto and it’s on our fridge for easy reference

If you’re looking for some ideas on how you can reduce your use of plastics visit

Drink more water

During a recent bout of pregnancy sickness that resulted in feeling the effects of pretty dangerous dehydration, I told myself (for the one millionth time) that day-to-day I need to be drinking a lot more water.  I feel better, my skin looks better so it’s time to be more diligent about getting those ounces in.

Are you setting any intentions for this (sorta) new year?!  Let me know!

Big Love,