Baby G2 Update

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I am just over 18 weeks pregnant, which is almost halfway through this pregnancy, which is TOTALLY crazy.  My girlfriend warned me that this pregnancy would go much faster and because I’m already so busy with Bea, and was she right.  With Bea I would obsessively check my pregnancy apps to see what was happening with her development.  This time around, while I’m still reading up on the goings-on in there, it certainly doesn’t happen every day.  In fact, there have been a few days I’ve forgotten I was pregnant until an hour after I’ve woken up!  Except for those days where the symptom struggle is real, those days I wake up knowing I’m very much pregnant.  I have had some brutal headaches that have lasted for days.  And even though I’m in my second trimester, I’m still getting hit with the nausea and vomiting on occasion.  The headache/barfy combo feels like a deadly hangover without having any of the fun. 

One thing that’s been a bit of a shock to me with this pregnancy, is some of the anxiousness I’ve felt.  I haven’t shared much until this point because I just felt in talking about it, I would somehow jinx things.  Silly, I know.  I kept telling myself (and Randall) “I just want the NIPT results, then I’ll feel better.”  Then “I just want to see the baby on the ultrasound, then I’ll feel better.”  Next, “I just want to hear the heartbeat at my OBGYN appointment, then I’ll feel better.”  And more recently it was “I just want to feel the baby move around, then I’ll know everything is ok, and then I’ll feel better.”  I know these feelings are totally normal, and the anxiousness is dissipating a bit.  It helps that I have started to feel the baby moving.  With Bea, I remember the distinct flutter feeling.  With this babe, it’s not a flutter so much as it is full-on parkour in there! 

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Uneasiness aside, I’m really trying to enjoy this pregnancy because we don’t plan to have any more kids.  It’s been really fun to talk to Bea about this baby and to hear her questions like “can the baby talk?” “can the baby eat ice cream?” “does the baby like Paw Patrol?”  She’s really excited (for now) and I know she is going to be the BEST big sister.  She loves telling anyone she meets (like strangers at the park, the grocery store, beside us at a restaurant) “My Mama is growing a baby in her belly and I’m going to be a big sister!”  It’s the sweetest thing in the whole world.

With a toddler and a full time job, taking care of me isn’t always easy, but I’m trying.  We have a Peloton bike at home, and on the days I wake up feeling good, I try and get a ride in.  I’m not setting any goals, just listening to my body and taking it day-by-day.  I’ve also been taking a pretty comprehensive pre-natal vitamin pack again.  It’s 7 vitamins a day, pre-packaged and it’s everything (and then some) that me and the baby need.  I find they really help with clearing any brain fog, they keep my energy levels pretty consistent and my skin and hair feel good too.  Again, I feel the need to say I’m not a Doctor, but I did a lot of reading and research on these vitamins and because I felt good taking them with Bea I decided to take them again this time.  If you’re interested, I buy them here.

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We are currently enjoying a couple of weeks at our cottage and I’m really trying to be present with my fam.  I’m saying yes to all the adventures, ice cream before dinner, boat rides, skipped naps and late bedtimes.  It’s our last summer as a family of 3 and next summer will certainly look different.  So here’s to growing this babe, being in the moment and trying to enjoy the ride!

Big Love,