It’s a Randall Takeover!

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This guy right here is my best friend. And maybe the most interesting person I know. It seems you find him intriguing too because I’m always getting questions about my seemingly mysterious husband. Well, you asked and he answered!

What do you do for work?

I’m the Creative Director of Brand Partnerships and Commercial Production at Bell Media. We create commercials for our client partners. It’s an extremely fun and challenging job that is always changing. You have to stay on your toes, but you’re never bored at work.

Are you guys nervous about transitioning to 2 kids, and how does Bea feel about it? 

Nervous? Hahaha, no, why? Do I look nervous? I’m just a… sweat beads? No, it was a, it was a spicy ummm, I was just at the gym see, and umm you know what, yeah, it is hot in here. Whew, hahaha, I thought it was just me. Is that a window over there? Can we get that open?

Favourite Comic? And favourite superhero?

Kingdom Come by Mark Waid and Alex Ross is my favourite comic book. It’s an incredible story with phenomenal artwork. I read comics as a kid, but this is the book that reignited my love as an adult. It’s a great read. 

For superhero I’ve got to go with Superman. I know that’s a boring answer but he has all the best powers. Especially flight. There is simply no greater power than flight. Every once and a while I’ll look around and make sure that no one is looking and then I will jump in the air willing myself to the sky. Just in case the power has some how manifested in me since the last time I tried. So far, it has not. Sadly this is a true story. (Or if you’re the K-man, this is a rad AF story). 

Do you have limits as to what or how much you want to share?


What are your favourite things about marriage and being a parent and what are your least fav?

My favourite thing is the absurd adventure of it all. We’re all tearing through the universe at a couple million miles per hour and no one really has any idea where were going or what is going to happen next. I mean you literally have no idea what tomorrow will bring. You might think you know, and a lot of times you will be right, but the truth is almost anything could happen tomorrow. And having someone to share that journey with, well that kind of makes it… real. A UFO could drop out of the sky, land on my front yard and an alien could step out and give me a high five, but if Danielle or Bea or Baby G2 weren’t standing there beside me I would never really know for sure whether it happened or if instead I have sustained a serious head injury. I think what Trooper and I are trying to say here is we’re here for a good time not a long time, so have a good time while you can. And for me, that’s having someone to share this wild rumpus with.

My least fav is diapers.

Is Bea adjusting to her new routine yet?

Slowly but surely we’re getting there. She doesn’t cry as much. And she puts her coat and shoes on diligently when it’s time to go. But she’s still negotiating every day. We ride my bike to school and most of the ride she’s trying to convince me to stay at school with her, that I don’t have to go to work, and that lunch today is really going to be “quite good”. And those are sound arguments that make me question all my life choices. 

If you could add any DC hero to the avengers ensemble, who would you choose and why?

Great question! I love cross over events. Wonder Woman would be highly entertaining. She would immediately become one of the mightiest Avengers of all time. Iron Man and Professor Hulk would comically trip over each other in attempt to gain her attention and Thor’s mind would be blown when she picked up the Mjolnir. But mostly she would have gone for the head on the first go round.

Who is your favourite villain in batman?

Do I love the Riddler because I love brainteasers and lateral thinking puzzles or do I love the brainteasers and lateral thinking puzzles because I love the Riddler?

What is something about Danielle that would surprise people?

Danielle is really good at living in the moment. She has a sixth sense at knowing when magic is about to happen and when it does she dials our focus onto it. She can literally slow down time in my mind. 

Who is your favourite Batman and what do you think of Robert Pattinson?

When Tim Burton cast Michael Keaton as Batman and launched the modern superhero film era, I was not having it. There was just no way Mr. Mom could be Batman. But it turns out I was wrong. Turns out that sitting at home on the couch reading comic books and watching movies gives you less than zero ability to effectively judge casting decisions made by filmmakers that devote their entire lives to telling stories. It’s not like these people just draw a name out of a hat, though imagine if Meryl Streep was announced as the new Batman? Fan boys would go out of their mind and she would still pull it off, but I digress. I think Robert is going to murder it. He’s a great actor and clearly Matt Reeves has a plan. That said, the best Batman was Christian Bale. Then Michael Keaton, Ben Affleck, Val Kilmer. George Clooney was the worst, but he seems to have managed to put his life back together since then. And to that I say, well-played sir, well-played indeed.

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