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My Pregnancy Essentials

Here’s a fun fact:  Randall and I always believed we would only have one child and after we had Beatrix we were certain we were “one and done.” (Cleary, we’ve since changed our minds).  We gave away all our baby stuff and that included me passing on my maternity clothes to my pregnant girlfriends.  So, I started from scratch with this pregnancy. 

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Maintaining My Summer Glow and Hydrating the Bump

I refuse to use the F word just yet.  It’s still summer, and I plan to live my best beachy/lake life for as long as the temps allow. I have thoroughly enjoyed this summer.  Bea time, down time, reading, swimming, naps and all the snacks.  If the weather was nice, we were outside.  ALWAYS with major SPF on, but I can’t lie, I love the look of a healthy glow. 

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Getting Myself Red Carpet Ready

People often ask how I prep or get ready ahead of big work events.  Aside from the studying, watching, reading, researching, I have a few rituals to get myself looking and feeling good in my skin.

I take good care of my skin year round, but ahead of a major red carpet, I ramp things up.  Some of my favourite  med-spa treatments are SilkPeel and Forma.

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