Your Parenting Pro Tips!

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I’ve said it before, but you guys are just THE BEST!  When I posted that we’d had an especially barfy week, you dropped some great tips for dealing with sickness.  Because you’re such experts at this parenting thing, asked you to share any other parenting pro-tips you had so I could post them here and help the masses and you delivered!  Maybe bookmark this page for future reference ;)

  • Let your kid(s) pick out their favourite smelly soaps to encourage hand washing.

  • When transitioning to a big bed, instead of using a store bought bed rail use a pool noodle or a rolled up blanket under the fitted sheet.  It works well to protect kids from falling off the edge.

  • Get the flu shot and stock up on pedialyte for flu season.  Make popsicles out of pedialyte if your child refuses to drink.

  • Layer bed sheets: mattress pad, waterproof fitted sheet, fitted sheet – then another waterproof fitted sheet followed by fitted sheet, repeat.  When an accident happens in middle of the night, it makes for easy bed changes!

  • Hide your candy in a box of cereal or crackers they don’t like.

  • Have your child pick out a present to give the baby in the hospital and have the baby magically reciprocate with a gift as well!

  • Sleep with a stuffy you plan to give to your newborn a month before their arrival, so your Mom scent has time to really stick to the stuffy. Smelling you when they’re sleeping will bring the baby comfort.

  • To get your kids to put their shoes on the right feet, cut a sticker in half and place one half in the bottom of each shoe. 

  • Make everything a challenge  “I bet you can’t make your pasta disappear/clean up all those toys in 2 minutes/get your clothes in the hamper!”

  • Keep a bowl in their room as soon as that fever hits!  Vomit isn’t far behind!


  • On transitioning to a big bed:  Cribs show boundaries so when kids are moved to a bigger bed, they no longer have the physical boundaries. Consider using a baby gate across her bedroom doorway so that she understands that her bedroom is similar to her crib. She can’t freely enter or exit her room when it’s time for sleeping. 

  • No two big transitions within 3 months of one another.  Losing the soother, moving to a big girl bed, new baby coming, potty training.  Give 3 months + in between.

  • Buy those brick sponges from the dollar store, soak them and put in a bag in the freezer.  It makes a great ice pack you can grab instantly when they bang their head etc.  It stays cold as it melts, there’s no mess and it’s reusable!

  • Let your dog sniff an item of your newborn’s from the hospital before they meet!

  • Don’t buy white clothing.  Unless it’s for a special picture or just too cute to resist.

  •  Get strawberry extract!  Helps with stomach issues and diarrhea. 

  • When you order your food at a restaurant ask for the bill at the same time so you can make a quick exit if a meltdown hits 

  • Reverse psychology works every time.  “You don’t want to go to dance class?  No problem, I’ll go on my own - just let me get my shoes!” 

  • Buy some inexpensive plastic bowls from the dollar store to use as barf bowls exclusively so you can keep your other bowls barf-free!

  • Include notes of love and encouragement in their lunches.

  • And maybe the most important of all….Your kids don’t want a “super mom” they want a happy Mom.

Big love,