31 Week Update!


I cannot believe it but I just passed the 31-week mark and Baby G2 is due 2 months TODAY.

We’ve been so busy with Bea and work and life that I feel like I’ve barely had any time to focus on this pregnancy. I don’t feel ready, I don’t feel prepared and I certainly don’t feel like I’ve gotten enough bowls of Lucky Charms in. In fact I feel like I just told you all that I was pregnant about a month ago, and here I am, in the single-digit week countdown.

How has this happened so quickly?!

Fortunately, as much as I loathe daylight savings, (can we honestly just give this up already), I am happy for the forced early evenings and quieter weekends tucked in at home that this time of year brings. It’s helping me slow down and be a little more in the moment with Bea and RG and for that I’m grateful.

This baby is moving like crazy!!  The kind of movement you can see from the outside, which is always so weird and completely amazing at the same time.  Randall calls it “his little Xenomorph.” I asked him what that was and he started to tell me about the movie Alien but I tuned out the second he said Alien, which was about the third or fourth word out of his mouth so, unfortunately, you’re on your own for that reference.

I love Bea’s reaction to feeling the baby kick; it may be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.  She has big plans for when her sister gets here: “I’ll feed the baby, you change her bum and Daddy will make dinner, is that a good plan, Mama?”

If it were only that simple.

I know in my heart she’s going to be the best big sister, but I’m definitely worried about how she’s going to adjust. Having to share not just us, but also my Ma and Dad and everyone else whose attention she’s so used to wielding fully.  I’m also worried about the baby waking her up at night.  And how she will feel about going to school while I stay home with the baby.  I’m worried about her falling behind on her development, and how I might not be able to give her everything she needs right when she needs it once the new baby gets here.

I worry, I worry, I worry.

And I remember what my Ma told me lovingly when Bea was born. The same thing her Ma had told her lovingly when she became a Mom too.

“You’ve just had your last good night sleep and your worries have only just begun.”

Truer words have never been spoken.

Worries aside, I’m feeling pretty okay.  I can definitely feel myself slowing down, which I hate.  I feel most myself when I’m at full output, being able to do it all (or most of it, anyway).  But I recognize that I’ve definitely overdone it lately and have pushed myself too far some days. I’m getting a lot of dizziness and often feel light-headed. I also noticed I have what looks like several broken blood vessels on my chest and arms, which I didn’t have with my last pregnancy so I plan to ask my OBGYN what they are during my next visit.  But for now I’m really trying to listen to my body (and my doctor) and slowwwwwwww downnnnnnnn.

Easier said than done, I know.

I still feel like we have a lot do to before this baby gets here!  I want to change a few things in the nursery to make it special for G2. I also don’t want Bea to feel that the baby stole her spot, now that she’s moved to her new big girl room.  I also need to get ALL the newborn stuff again, because we gave everything away thinking we were “One and Done”. Now that we’re “Two and Thru” and since it’s been over 3 years since I’ve had a newborn, I just know there are all kinds of new products on the market so if you have any “must have” items to suggest please leave them in the comments below! 

I’m also looking for a supportive, non-judgemental or pushy lactation consultant in Toronto, so if you know someone please also let me know!

Big love,


P.S. Two and Thru is pretty funny, but I was thinking about what comes next.  Three and We’re Free? How about Four and What’s One More? Five, Let’s keep the Streak Alive, Six…

Randall, I’m kidding!