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Furthering Our Commitment to Change

After watching Greta Thunberg vehemently demand change from our world leaders and seeing how many millions of people turned out for climate strikes around the globe, I feel more empowered and inspired than ever.  Yes, the science and data is scary and yes, it’s easy to say it’s all up to big business and government to turn this thing around.  But I truly believe that collectively, if we all commit to change, open our eyes, live mindfully and with awareness, we are capable of moving the needle in the right direction.  

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DIY Seed and Bean Bag Pillows

Randall once did a pillow count between our house and the cottage and I’ll admit, the number was a little absurd.  I can’t help myself, I just love pillows!!  I spotted a pile of feed/seed/bean bags at one of our favourite vendors at the annual antique show the family goes to in Michigan and immediately knew it wanted to turn them into pillows for the cottage!

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10,000 Changes

My sweet Bea loves the great outdoors as much as I do.  The natural world is a place of wide-eyed wonder and it brings me so much joy to watch her marvel in it. This past weekend she saw her first monarch butterflies and still hasn’t stopped talking about it. It’s one of the great privileges of being a parent; seeing the world through the eyes of our children. And it is my sincere hope that she gets to experience that same joy with her children and her children’s children.

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Reducing Our Household Waste

This started as an idea ahead of the holidays. I kept thinking about all the waste associated with gift giving. The packaging, the wrapping, the stuff that ends up in a landfill. What began as a seed to reduce gift-giving waste, turned into me looking at our everyday lives and how we could reduce our consumption and most importantly, our single-use items. 

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Powder Room Makeover

When we bought our house 4 years ago it had been completely renovated which meant everything was fresh and white. A blank canvas.  We started decorating and adding our personal touches, but still kept our neutral walls.  I love the aesthetic of a crisp white home, but after 4 years I got a little bored and antsy to make some changes; our main-floor powder room seemed like the best place to start. 

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Bea's Clubhouse

I love to joke with my Ma that one of my greatest joys as a parent is to give Bea all the things I wanted as a kid.  And I assure you I’m joking, because I did have the best childhood with the best parents.

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